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Getting To Know Us

Groove TV is a show that is aimed at teenagers with its content. It showcases various footage from popular events and also interviews celebrities, sports stars, dance crews, etc. It provides an opportunity to stay in touch and up to date with the latest news and happenings in the world of entertainment.

On Groove TV, it is all about getting you in the groove and what viewers get to experience entertainment at its peak. We are all about keeping the audience in the loop and entertained with the various events that will occur within the year. Our focus is on the Sydney entertainment scene. Our goal is to entertain you.

Groove TV derives from the Groove Event. The Groove Event is that outlet where Young people can channel their energy into a productive endeavour by using it on the dance floor. When you hear the word GROOVE, think of the ultimate event specifically made for the younger, savvy, and funkier audience. It is a very edge event that gives you the in-your-face vibe as it merges exciting dance moves with urban culture. It is an experience that you should not miss out on for any reason whatsoever.

Attendees at the event get to various dance styles ranging from pop and jazz dance moves to hip hop dance to breakdance to freestyle and krumpers. Beyond dancers, there will be several other acts and performers such as MC, DJ, musicians, beatboxers, rappers, and more. With the variety that is on the ground at this event, there is nothing like boredom because there will be no monotonous performance. The tempo is always changing, and the atmosphere at the event constantly evolves to keep the audience in touch and in sync.

Groove TV focuses on the recognition of individualism and free expression, which is a step towards recognising and embracing urban music as part of the mainstream youth culture in today’s world.

Groove TV is all about giving you the best of entertainment. It is a way for you to stay in touch and connected with the best of entertainment in terms of music, dance, and overall fun. If you want to stay in the groove and keep up with the latest GROOVE events, all you have to do is watch Groove TV.

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