Dance Schools

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The Dance Schools and Studios We support

The Groove event is all about dance and entertainment, and that is what Groove TV embodies too.  There are various dance schools that are supported by Groove TV in Australia. The Dance Schools and Studios that we currently support include:

Vertical Shadows

This dance studio is located on 31 Oak Street Hawthorn, Melbourne, Victoria, 3122, Australia. It is an innovative dance studio known for raising the bar when it comes to independent dance companies in Australia. It continues to set new benchmarks with each dance production, showing that boundaries exist solely for one purpose – to be broken. Many reviewers have described works from this studio as masterpieces when it comes to dancing, and it has never rested on its oars as it continues to produce dances that merge the elements of real and unreal to create dreamlike productions that will leave an indelible mark on the audience. Another reviewer has described its works as capable of leaving you on edge throughout the show as you’re always wondering what will happen next.

The dance is headed by choreographer Stephen Agisilaou. In some of his works, he has pulled off things that seem impossible, integrating social dances elements into classical jazz to create a work that is both modern and retro and new and referential.

With its brilliant dance productions, it has gained an audience both locally and internationally, and its goal now is to have a worldwide audience. It has staged various dance productions, which include Crimson, which reviewers described as a breathtaking and desirable performance, Fox Times, which is described as art personified, creating an experience that permeates all emotions, Theatre People, On The Rocks, The White Prince, Release the Stars, etc.

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Urban Force Studios

This dance studio provides dance classes for students from two years of age to adult. Its speciality is hip-hop and urban dance styles, and it has all the right teachers that a student needs. Here, students will learn the fundamentals of dance, especially hip-hop.

Regardless of what influences your interest in dance, be it fitness, fun, or competitions, this studio caters for dancers of all skill levels, from beginners to those who already have experience. The environment in the studio is a fun and friendly one that engenders family culture. Students find the environment to be welcoming immediately they get in and will be nurtured effectively to acquire all the necessary skills and self-confidence they need to perform at the top level.

The goal of this studio is to develop dancers capable of individual brilliance but also excellent team players who value dedication and hard work. Learning here happens while having fun.

Others include;

  • Splash Entertainment – ShowBiz Performing Arts Studios Pty Ltd
  • United Styles
  • First Step Academy of Dance
  • IUAC Dance (Illadvanced Urban Arts Collective)
  • Fresh Elements Dance Studio (Brisbane)