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Group of teenager friends on a basketball court talking

All about basketball

Basketball Haven Like No Other HOOP DREAMS Enterprises Pty Ltd is a dynamic events and media company that was established in 1999 and incorporated in 2006. In eight years, HOOPDREAMZ has built a significant influence in Australian basketball, urban entertainment and hip-hop communities.


To be a global market leader in events, media and entertainment management.

Mission Statement
Deliver high quality and professional service by;
Creating opportunities

The company has organised several basketball events all over Australia, which has helped to boost its image as a top brand. All these events also serve as an opportunity for several talented young people to showcase their basketball skills and get more exposure which could encourage them to pursue a career in basketball.

Building networks

Hoopdreamz has established a basketball network in Australia and continues to expand its reach to other countries. These networks exist for a good reason and key into the goal of the organisation to become a global leader in terms of events, media, and management. The company considers network building as part of its core goals and leverage existing networks to create new ones.

Establishing productive and lasting relationships

Relationships matter a lot in life, and in business, it is one of the most important things. That is why Hoopdreamz ensures that it creates enduring relationships not just with businesses and corporations but even more with people. Every business needs people to grow, and through its events and other programs that have made significant impacts in several Australian communities, the company has been able to establish some valuable relationships. However, it is not resting on its oars and continues to engage and involve people to further create more valuable relationships.

Basketball players shaking hands
Portrait Of Male High School Basketball Team On Court

Empowering and Inspiring people

Whether it is the small kid who has participated in the Hoopdreamz basketball events or the executive watching the event in the stands, Hoopdreamz seeks to inspire and empower people. In order to deliver high-quality services to customers, it curates content that is not just of high quality but also very relatable.

Core Values
• Inspire
• Empower
• Lead
Hoopdreamz is made up of three divisions that focus on the service areas of the company. They are;

• Events Management
• Media
• Sports Uniform & Apparel

Hoopdreamz is that brand that speaks basketball. The game takes over. This time, basketball takes precedence above all. Hoopdreamz is ready to feed you plenty of basketball soul food to satisfy your needs. We like to speak our minds. Now we got the tools to be heard. We like to look hot when we play on the court. Now we got the red-hot customised uniforms and the basketball network to offer you style and grace. Lastly, we got a game. Lace-up and check the ball. We are about to take you to school.