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What is Groove

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All about Groove

Groove is a dance and talent competition that serves as an opportunity for talented grassroots performers from different communities and high schools to come together. Amateur, as well as professional dancers, can all take part in this competition which also gives artists and students the platform to display their talents on stage.


The GROOVE began in Australia in 2002. It was founded by Marco Solorio, who organised the events in suburban Parramatta. It was the first of such an event in Sydney.

At the inaugural event, there were 15 dance groups as participants, and the audience was 800 people. The event marked a new dawn for Australian dance. SKB emerged as the winner at this event, becoming the first GROOVE champion.

In 2003, GROOVE expanded into Melbourne, Victoria, marking an unprecedented growth within only two years. CARAMEL was the champion in NSW, while VIKINGS emerged champions in Melbourne. It was also the year when breakdancing was introduced to the event in both States.

In the third year of the GROOVE launch, it achieved great success in both Melbourne and Sydney. 2004 also the formation of a new rivalry – street versus flair. The famous CHEEKYBOMBZ won the NSW competition while DETOUR emerged the best in Victoria. 2004 was also amazing, with beatbox guru Joel Turner performing for the crowds and wowing them with his incredible talent. The dance styles in each State were distinct, and this was the year BATTLEGROUND started. This was the ultimate battle that had the best performers from both States competing against one another. The finest dance group in Melbourne, REWIND, won the ultimate battle.

GROOVE continued its expansion in 2005 with Adelaide, Brisbane, Canberra, and Wollongong added to the event. The Battlegrounds Championship is the competition between the best groups from each State held in Sydney. ONE SOUL Crew from Canberra won the award while NU SKOOL CLUB came second.

By 2006, the popularity of GROOVE had increased, reaching the Tasman, New Zealand, and on to the Philippines and Japan.   This led to the first-ever Battlegrounds International Championship, which was the grand finale of GROOVE. The ALL-STARS, 2006 World hip-hop dance champions who are from Philippine attended the event, which sold out.  Record crowds were in attendance for all the interstate shows. In the end, NU SKOOL CLUB from Japan won.  The krumping dance style was also introduced for all the events. Fine groups represented New Zealand, and A record 260 dance groups took part in the event in 2006.

Between 2007 and by 2010, GROOVE continued its expansion, spreading its reach in Indonesia, Singapore, New Zealand, Japan, & the Philippines. Xtatic from The Philippines, Sweet and Sour from New Zealand, and OHA GUYS from Singapore won championships in those three years.

Today, GROOVE has continued its expansion and is billed and reached Malaysia, Hawaii, Guam, Thailand, and Pacific Island countries such as Samoa, Tonga, New Caledonia, and Fiji.

There are also Open, Junior, and Varsity Divisions to cater for participants of various ages.

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